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Our Mother’s Home


To keep teen mothers from foster care, human trafficking and other traumas together with their children in a safe, nurturing home. Through our Mentored Living Program, residents are provided with education, life skills, parenting classes, physical and mental health care allowing them to become productive members of our community.

Our Vision

To end the repetitive cycle of foster care and generational poverty that afflicts teen mothers and their children.


Our Mother’s Home is a large home with facilities adequate for housing eight teen mothers and their babies. Our Home is unique in many ways, one being that we help teenage mothers from age thirteen to age eighteen, as long as they stay in school or have a job.

Any pregnant or post-partum Florida teen can come to our home to live after the first trimester of pregnancy or with her child, if the baby has already been born.

As a privatized 501(c)3 organization, Our Mother’s Home raises 50 – 60% of its own funding, to provide teen moms a supporting environment to stay with their children, learn life skills, and finish their education. We depend heavily on our dedicated volunteers, contributions of funds, commodities and services. Our success rate has generated great interest among those interested in decreasing the rate of children in foster care.